Penalty Shoot-Out

Penalty Shoot-Out

Are you a fan of the soccer game, but you don’t have time to play around? If yes, here is the big news: you can try the game at an online casino without visiting the soccer field or spending too much time on it. You might wonder how you would play soccer without a field. So, this review is about “Penalty Shoot Out,” which you can play at an online casino. To know more about staying with us!

Penalty Shoot Out Bet

Released in 2020, Penalty Shoot Out by Evoplay is an instant mini-game. This fast-paced game requires a few things: beat the goalkeeper, achieve a penalty shootout and get your prize. On the whole, this game is the easiest to play, while the quick steps involve:

  • Selecting the country you want to play.
  • Betting the amount on it.
  • Starting your game.

In this game, you have to pick a spot for a goal; that is, you can choose a specific point between the goal posts, shoot your ball for the goal, and win the rewards according to the nature of the goal.

While considering this instant game, the presentation is still essential as the graphics are developed clearly and crisp, which comes with effortless control. You also have a user-friendly dashboard that offers smooth and straight playing controls.

How to Play the Game?

As discussed earlier, you must choose a country from the available list of 24 countries to get started.

  • These include Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Montenegro, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Now click confirm to move on.
  • Next, select the bet for which you want to play the game. This bet is chosen for the whole round.
  • Five shots in each round could bring you the win, or you may lose.
  • Once you have selected the required options, click the “Start” button to initiate the round.
  • You can also fix an area for the goal, which can be done by clicking on the ball and the goal spot, or you may click on the “Random” button.
  • Once you shoot a goal, the results are revealed immediately. So, if you successfully hit a goal, it results in winning. At this point, either you can continue to play the game or stop and collect your wins by clicking the “Collect” button on your screen.
  • To make things easier for the players, Progress of the round options are available on the main screen. It shows the steps and their coefficient.
  • In the game, the multiplier goes up with the successful number of goals in a row. So, from first to fifth goals, the reward follows as 1.92x, 3.84x, 7.68x, 15.36x, and 30.72x.

What Can You Win?

Penalty Shoot Out GGBet is a simplistic game, so you do not have to take many pains to form a betting strategy. It is more like a guessing game with five betting strategies; you have to beat all the odds to win.

This game’s crucial thing to remember is knowing the probabilities for the available bets. For example, out of all the five betting strategies, the upper left and right have the lowest house edge, while the lower right and left have a higher one than the upper ones. The top betting position has the lowest house edge. Therefore, it is wise to place bets at the upper positions.

Moreover, this game offers super flexible betting limits, where the minimum betting value can be set at 1 EUR, while the maximum betting value is set at 75 EUR.

The house edge of Penalty Shoot Out is 96%. The maximum win at the game is 2,304 EUR when it is played at a maximum betting limit. However, it can vary for playing with the different betting limits.

Penalty Shoot Out Demo and Real Money Gaming

Penalty Shoot Out GGBet Casino is a convenient option to try the game, as here, you can always play according to your preferences. You can select the free play option if you intend to play for fun and have a good time. Otherwise, the real money option is available for the players keen to stake and win some good rewards.

PC and Mobile Gaming

GGbet Penalty Shoot Out is available for both PC and mobile gaming as you can visit the site via your preferred device and select to play the game. Incorporated with the HTML5 technology, the Penalty Shoot bet is available for Android and iOS devices, and players can use their browsers to the first login to GGBet and then start playing.

Try More at GGBet Casino

Penalty Shoot Out is a quick-paced game that requires fast moves and takes no time to display the results. Well, the game is best for all those players who do not prefer to spend their time on longer sessions. Also, many other titles apart from Penalty Shootout casino are available, which can attract you with their new theme and style. Therefore, if you haven’t checked it out, we recommend you to check out and pick your new favorite.


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